Proprietary Software

I really believe in free software, but there is some non-free software I still use, this is a list of some of that software and how I'm trying to migrate away from it.


Name Xv
Description Interactive image manipulation application for X11.

I've been using xv for simple image viewing and manipulation for years, I dont think it's been updated since the turn of the century, but there's still nothing quite like it. Unfortunately xv is shareware, although I hope there is a chance that the author will liberate the source at some point, or perhaps someone will make a gtk+ clone.

I have attempted to switch to other simple image utilities, but none of them compare to xv.

Nvidia Drivers

Name Nvidia Linux Drivers
Description Nvidia graphics drivers for Linux/X11.

Nvidia provide binary only drivers for their graphics chipset. I generally dont use any of the advanced features of the card, apart from TwinView (for which there is a free replacement), so I really have no excuse not to migrate to the free driver.


Name Opera Web Browser
Description Opera Web Browser for Linux/X11.


Name IDA Pro Disassembler
Description Very sophisticated disassembler and debugger for Linux.