Like most geeks, I read a lot of tech books. I've started listing and rating them as I read or reference them here, although I tend to acquire books faster than I can read them!

I've given each book a rating out of five.


For some reason I've generated some statistics from my spam mbox using the cool mboxstats utility (regenerated sometimes). It's fairly pointless, but at least interesting to see what time of day or day of month is most popular with spammers.


If you would like to read more about how this website was created, click here. I decided against writing the html myself, and none of the content management systems available suited me.

Eventually I settled on a custom build system and txt2tags, an excellent free utility for converting simple text markup into xhtml compliant pages.

To see an example of txt2tags markup, you can click here.


Any random files I've put online are here.


Some random web links.